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Portable speakers recommendations

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Hello hello !


I'm considering buying a portable speaker, but can't find a predigested recommendation. Could you help ? What do you use ?


I would like one personnaly for playing at mid level in medium rooms or a close by audience outside.


I find that the bose soundlink mini II fucks up the sound with way too much lows, and I have not found anything else clean either. Maybe an old (now) bose ipod player from a friend. this one was pretty decent.


What do you think ? What speaker to consider buying in your opinion ?

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I just recently bought myself a ue Megaboom speaker.  A couple of friends have the Boom2 speakers, which are pretty good. So I got the bigger one.


Have really had a chance to test it out properly yet, as it is going under the tree for me from Santa.  Otherwise the kids ask questions like why Santa didn't get mum and dad a present this year.


It does bluetooth or plug in via 1/4" jack.  It's handy to play music from the iPad when camping or in the park etc.


Another friend is a pool cleaner and he bought two. he puts one at either end of the pools he cleans and then gets to work, listening to music from his phone.

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While I was in the US, I bought a Bose SoundLink Color. The little beast does a great job for supplying enough volume for a normal size room and I found the sound to be very good for such a portable speaker. There are only two things missing from it that would make it perfect: the ability to use it as a charger + headset capability. If you just want to use it as a speaker, it's excellent.

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