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Music in 432 Hz

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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here prefers music at 432hz. I found some interesting information about having your music in the 432hz tuning, that it can raise vibrations and connect you better to the spiritual world around you, or something like that. Anyway, I've been pretty interested in the topic.




Anyone else know about this? Or listen to music a lot in 432? I once had a program that converted music into 432hz but then I read that the music has to be created in 432hz, not converted, for it to be real.

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Hi ;)


we have started to discuss this subject in another topic for music producers, have a look => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/183-432hz440hz/


personally, i enjoy some of music that is labeled as 432hz. however as you mention, it shall be created from A to Z according to this tuning, all instruments, samples shall be in this scale.

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