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Open source - Highly Motivated To Rock You [GLRCD011]

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The time has come to experience something new. An extraordinary production from an unexpected source. To say that both the music and its maker will challenge your preconceptions about fine psytrance, would be simply an understatement. They will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE ! Ladies and gentlemen, Open Source is..





01. Holy Riff (06:45) bpm 138

02. True Lollipop (07:47) bpm 136

03. The Wicked Witch Of The West (08:36) bpm 138

04. Legends Never Die (06:40) bpm 143

05. Psycho Meditation (09:18) bpm 139

06. The Real Dragonwarrior (10:12) bpm 140

07. Future Man [Live Edit] (09:20) bpm 141

08. Aesop's Myth (07:11) bpm 138

09. In Cyclones [Chill-Out Edit] (10:25) bpm 130


FREE download for personal use on facebook.

Buy for commercial use on beatport.

Preview on soundcloud.



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