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circle of fifth : music Key , harmony etc

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Harmonies are important for both productions and DJing. As i am studying music production now i have found some interesting tools and info about the subject. 


The Circle of Fifths made clear


The Circle of Fifths is a visual representation of the relationships between the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. It was invented by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and is so called as it takes the form of a circle around which each of the 12 tones are laid out. As you move around the circle in a clockwise direction, the next tone you encounter will be a 5th above the tone before it.

The Circle of Fifths lies at the very foundation of western music theory and is therefore extremely useful as you can refer to it to help you find out things like, what key you are in. If you are in a major key it helps you find the relative minor key and visa versa. It tells you which chords are available in which key. It can even help you to transpose your music into a different key and move between keys within a song.



Interactive Circle of Fifths 




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4 ways of tuning drums - http://blog.liveschool.net/tuning-drums-in-ableton-live/

1. Using your ears (watch the video for a few tips to make this easier)

2. Using a frequency analyser (such as Ableton Live’s Spectrum).

3. Using Convert Melody to MIDI

4. Using Mixed in Key software to label and tune your sample library

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