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I know I've asked this on facebook, but I'll ask it here too.


Can the psybient podcast be made into a podcast? or select the podcast option on soundcloud?


i use an android phone to listen to all my music these days.


Unless I'm connected to wifi, I can't listen to the podcast :-(


The download link is not availably on android when accessing the soundcloud website, and the app only stores music you listen to.


I use the app podcast addict to listen to all my podcasts and this has a soundcloud subscribe feature, but I think it only works if sound cloud is set up to work like a podcast.


The only work around I have at the moment, is boot up my desktop, then download the podcast, then copy it to my phone.


which sorts of defeats the point of mobile browsing. :-)


any chance of having a look?

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Hi Friend,


i tried to investigate on this last week.


podcast over soundcloud is still in beta, and the procedure is not very simple, you need to send them application and i afraid that it might put our soundcloud account in danger.

as 99% of the DJ we don't have any copyright of the tracks used in the mixes.


With all respect to your need i would like to avoid the risk of loosing some of the mixes uploaded to this account. There are other services that propose creating podcast but they are not free. 


Let's wait till the podcast is not in beta anymore and to the moment that some other dj's test this feature with "dj mix" type of content.

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This are not soundclout podcast (as I see). I prefer to wait to see few of those.


But I totally like idea of getting mix delivered automatically to the audioplayer. I use to listen to few weekly podcast (not musical) and enjoyed the protocol. Our podcast is not very regular due to the lack of time. So that also one of the reason I am not in rush to find a tool to make it "auto downloadable" via rss.

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all six episodes of podcast are available for download via Soundcloud.

episode 5 have been uploaded to my personal account to allow downloads.




episode 7 will be mixed by Fuluf (dedicated to releases from February)

episode 8 will be mixed by Toxic In Dub (dedicated to Spain)

episode 9 will be mixed by DJ Trala Lama (dedicated to releases from March)


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