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I can't bear to watch this stuff. I want to be there, not drool over videos. :( Still waiting for Harris Fishimself to put together a psybient event here, last one was before summer and I couldn't go to that because of work. :(  :(

why wait, you have so much artist in Greece, just find a venue with soundsystem propose them a project , then propose artist to come to play. Most of them will be OK to play for a small fee or even probably free to promote music in general. Who knows maybe you will be a good backup for Harris events :) This is exactly what we did 2 years ago in Paris. started from bars, 30-50 people, now we can have easlly 100 - 200 people events. Unfortunately don't have time for organising in last 4 month, but soon we will launch again.


If you do an event we will help you with promo. You can find many artist from Greece on this page.

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I have chosen to live in a small town where I don't know anyone who likes this music. Also, I work Monday to Saturday late afternoon. I don't think I could make it work. But I agree we have some world class acts here, my favourite being Miktek, whom I've had the pleasure to see - thanks to Harris. Next time I go to one of his events I'll mention this site and forum, though I reckon others might have done it before me.

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