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psybient on vinyl / psychill on vinyl and psybient vinyl and psychill vinyl and psydub vinyl

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Hi ,


i happen to love music and vinyls !

unfortunately my collection of psybient vinyl / psychic vinyl is very small.


from recent ones, i got only kayla scintilla, which is still somewhere in delivery.


Recently i helped a friend to compile a list of existing releases on vinyl. You can see it here => https://www.discogs.com/lists/psybient/329147(some of the releases are trance and only 1-2 tracks are chill)



Everyone is welcome to add their vinyl discoveries here in the post !

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same list as in my first post in text form, for backup reason.

list with active links -> https://www.discogs.com/lists/psybient/329147


1 David Morley - Evolution 



Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit 



Children Of The Bong - Sirius Sounds 



Electric Skychurch - Knowoneness 



The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences 



Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation 



Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes 



Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? 



Shpongle - Divine Moments Of Truth 



EKKO - Ekkocentric - The Ekko Remixes 



Galaxy - Solar Synthesis 



Saafi Brothers - Midnight's Children 



Healer - Wonderground 



Dub Trees - Buffalo / Return Of The Native 



Shpongle - Tales Of The Inexpressible 



Saafi Brothers - Liquid Beach 



Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden 



Shpongle - Remixed 



Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes 



Shpongle - Dorset Perception / Beija Flor 



Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost 



Etnica - Hells Kitchen 



Brothomstates - Brothom States EP 



Juno Reactor - Nitrogen (Part 1 & 2) 



Acid Rockers - Traveller

26 Saafi Brothers - The Deep Part 1 / Not Fade Away 



Juno Reactor - Pistolero 



Juno Reactor - Pistolero 



Total Eclipse - None Of Your Business / Midnite Suspects 



Total Eclipse - Access Denied 



Tandu - Multi Moods EP 



Darshan - Phased Transition EP 



Gabriel Le Mar - Short Stories E.P. 



Pub - Summer Pt 1 



Shiva Chandra - Positive 



Gabriel Le Mar - Gab's Gift 



Fünf D - Das Signal 



Children Of Dub - Transcendental 



Children Of Dub - Nemesis 



Children Of Dub - The Silent Pool 



Children Of Dub - Adrenochrome 



Various - Elastic 



Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy / Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) 



Psychonaut - Vol. 1 



Dimension 5 - Second Phaze 



Hara Gobi - Music Is The Drug 



Monolyte Altaraz - Search For Infinity 



Yuji Hosoe - Day Dream 



Machineries Of Heaven - Imagine / Velvet Black

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Super-predictable coming from me, but Ozric Tentacles albums from 1989-1994 came out on vinyl too as have a few more since, and their early tapes have recently been released on vinyl for the first time too. Some of those are the only psy vinyl I got in my collecting days, unless you count some really old school stuff, like The Beatles and Hawkwind.


You could also add more Planet Dog 12'', like Banco de Gaia and Eat Static, they put out a whole lot of them.


I think the crackling of vinyl wouldn't do justice to some really calm psybient, like Matt Hillier's stuff or Carbon Based Lifeforms (who have recently had some more of their albums released on vinyl) for example, but would probably work fine with some banging chillgressive, like the second Cabeiri album or Sygnals.

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Thanks for this list!!!  I've been looking around for this information exactly :)


Not sure if the purists wouldn't list some of these as psychill, but there's the following as well...

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland

Shpongle - Museums of Consciousness

Younger Brother - The Last Days of Gravity

Tripswitch - Vagabond

Sounds from the Ground - Kin

Sounds from the Ground - Alchemy

Sounds from the Ground - Triangle/Sweetdust
Banco de Gaia - 9th of Nine Hearts

Banco de Gaia - Maya

Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa

Banco de Gaia - Big Men Cry

(Banco de Gaia - other various singles + EPs)

Abakus - Indu

Doof - It's About Time

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Whether it sounds better is up for debate...but it certainly brings the listener a sense of operation, involvement and connection that doesn't come from clicking a virtual play button.

hmm i see, i will not understand unless i ll hear music on that thing. maybe that vinyl thing is retro, do you think new generation people listen on vinyl player? because i don't know anyone in my circle who listen on vinyl. 

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Nice list!


To me vinyls are beautiful objects that create a real connection so some piece of art. It's true that over time, I developped a real connection with some albums I only possess in a digital version, but having the object in hand, taking the time to listen while observing, feeling somehow engaged by changing sides or vinyl every 20 min or so makes it much more lively than mere mp3s. It also creates a sense of completeness as far as an album is concerned. I believe it amounts to it being a complete piece of art instead of a simple collection of various songs.

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In my opinion, Codex 6 and the "Super Deluxe Edition" of Are You Shpongled? have a very good sound quality but the remastered edition of Tales Of The Inexpressible sounds a little bit worse. I use a Technics SL-1610MK2 with a Technics 207C system.


By the way, the Skylon album by Ott is also still available:


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Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis





Hidria Spacefolk is a band from Finland combining Space Rock and Suomisaundi. Symbiosis is not their latest album but this one has recently been released on vinyl.

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