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Gagarin Project presents Gagarin Beats (Techno / Psytrance / Psygressive)

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some of you will be surprised to know that i play not only downtempo music :) I hope is a good surprise. This mix was at Burning Man 2016 at Disorient camp. This burn was great for me, and i was happy to spend 2 weeks in the desert and play this set on Friday 5 am. For my personal taste, techno music was not well represented at Burning Man, and i was glad to play a bit harder, more groovy and bassy techno rave set. I would add some music tags to explain what is inside “minimal / rave / psychedelic / pumpy”.

You can consider this as my Techno music demo. As you know, i am totally and fully in love in psychedelic chillout / ambient music, and this will stay the main focus of my project and this soundcloud page.



Gagarin Musical Background:
I have been listening to all kind of different music, in the end 90s i discovered clubbing and had very interesting experience on dance floor (techno / jungle / dnb). Since that time i regularly attended clubs, raves, free parties, squats, warehouses all over the world. I love to dance to electronic music.
in the 2008-2010 i discovered psy chillout music on the internet and few years later i had my first psychedelic festival experience and discovered trance. With time i started to understand and feel better psychedelic trance music. Still, I have to say that there is only a VERY small fraction of the psytrance music that i enjoy. So even i attend main floor, i rarely stay there long :) And i would rarely go to a party with no chillout stage.
As for Techno music, i also have troubles in finding the one i really like, and i rarely go out to listen to other artist and DJ’s playing.
As all my previous "psybient / psychill" mixes published here, this is a live mix, recorded from 1st take and there is no editing except for a “Gagarin Project” voice sample that i added to protect this mix from being played by other DJs. Believe me strange things happen in this world.

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