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First Psychill Demo Project - "Imagination of Yourself". I would appreciate some feedback.

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Hello Psybient fans,


This is my second project "Imagination of Yourself", a PsyChill track. I am young producer and I would appreciate some feedback from the producers in this great forum. I am attaching the demo so, if you want to hear the full version, please write me at SoundCloud.


Greetings !



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Hey bud. Very nice early work. I'd say you are developing nicely. Some feedback from me: that first dialog vocal didn't sit in the mix very well. However the female vocal in the middle was lovely.


That poppy/bubble sound synth every so often also doesn't seem to sit well in the mix, I'm not sure what to do about it. the sound itself is fine but it seems to me it made the bass sound out of line with the lead synth. Not sure if that makes sense.


Is this the middle of the track? If so, maybe a bit more percussion, however I liked the vibe without a obvious kick drum.




DJ Lorn

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