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Rajna Leela

[REQUEST] Ambient music artists.

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Hi Rajna,

It is still a work in progress and is only up to date to about 2015 or so, but I have been building a list of every psybient producer with links to their bandcamp, discogs and soundcloud pages.


Find the list here.


I'm not sure how much help this will be to you if you're writing about ambient music though. While there are a few ambient producers in that list, it mainly focuses on psybient/psychill/psydub/psybass artists, although currently there's no genre distinctions in the list.


If you need more up to date artists check out the 2016 Releases Table and the 2017 Releases Table at psybient.org. Eventually I plan to add these newer artists to the artist list so check back later.


and thanks for the mention embri0n.

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