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DJ plantwaves

DJ Plantwaves - magic plant mix 03 (2017) [ psytrance / psychill / tribal ]

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01 Brujo's Bowl - Subminimal Message (Expedizion Remix)
02 Desert Dwellers - Dubsicle
03 Isaak Hypnotizer - Universal Electron Spin (Feat. Ashnaia)
04 Eat Static - Cavok No Sig Ft Georgina Brett
05 Symbolico - A Portal is Opening Up
06 Cyberbabas - Vine Of Souls (Australia)
07 Hallucinogen - Synthesizzler
08 Merkaba - The Maya of Our Time
09 Grouch - Malia
10 Master Margherita - Derbouka Part One
11 The Peaking Goddess Collective - Rolling
12 Ott - Coursing Batch
13 Squazoid - Mishima No Kaeru

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