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Dhamika - Energy Flow (2015) [Altar Records ]

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Dhamika is known to make floaty and melodic psychedelic chillout music. He released several albums and tracks on well known labels. He always had an enormous passion for music. He grew up with the influence of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Dire Straits and the Swedish songwriter/poet Ulf Lundell. Sven started playing drums at age of 12 and discovered electronic music around the mid 90´s. Before the chillout project Dhamika´s music was born, he was experimenting with making psychedelic trance. Dhamika used his skills to mix drums and percussion Influenced with cutting edge atmospheres and textures to celebrate today his first psychill release on Altar Records. 



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Although I like Dhamika a lot, this release doesn't grab me. I must admit that the chillgressive only attitude that runs through almost all of it is definitely a factor that hinders my enjoyment, regardless of the fact that the music itself isn't bad or boring per se. Hope the next release has a bit more rhythmic variation.


The Solitude EP is right up my alley though. :) As is Digital Human, which I consider Dhamika's peak so far and one of my favourite albums of the last few years. :wub:


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