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The Official Carbon Based Lifeforms Discussion Thread

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One of the best of course. And sit aside Solar Fields, Aes Dana, HUVA and Emancipator.. in my book!

Psyfactor - Retro Scientific

The first song of that album was my first hook on psybient, check it out :D

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I really, really enjoy CBL. However, I didn't like the remasters - I think that the original mixes were more interesting, softer, better balanced, and they had interesting segue sections which are missing.


The problem is that it's now really difficult to find a high quality (FLAC) download of the first three albums... I wish I could get hold of those CDs!

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On 4/28/2022 at 2:18 AM, thomasfromcanada said:

Anyone here going to the live show in Helsinki on May 6?

I'll be in Helsinki for 15 hours, and don't have anyone to go to the show with me.


Thomas, from Canada

I should follow this forum more often... I was playing in this event before CBL! 😁 Did you make it to the party?

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