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This is my new track "Exoplanetary Meadow" + Hi everyone!

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So hi again, I hope all of you are having an amazing day so far!  :)


Somewhat recently I've came to a realization that I would like to make it as a producer. I've been aimlessly twiddling in FL Studio for years as a kid, initially just for fun and because I loved music in general, making one monstrosity after another, but slowly improving and learning as time went by. I've came to the point now where I'm confident with my abilities, but at the same not quite at the professional level. And so I would very much appreciate some unbiased feedback and I figured this would probably the best place to do it. Besides psy*whatever* communities are usually amazing, so why not.  :) Peace


Here's the track: 

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Hello my friend. First off, you have a nice track here.


My feedback would be this, I would prefer this track without the bass. The beautiful airy pads, drone swirls and alien ship approaching sounds are wonderful. The bass doesn't seem to go with everything else. I feel you have two separate tracks here which need to be developed individually.


Keep up the hard work!




Dj Lorn

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