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Fjernsind - Dør (2017) [Flystyrt] (Drone/Ambient/Noise/Psychedelic)

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Artist: Fjernsind

Album: Dør

Type: Album

Style tags: Ambient, drone, noise, dark ambient, psychedelic

Media type: WEB (Bandcamp for now, but will be up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.t.c somewhere around next month (Beginning of June))
Year: 2017
Label: Flystyrt
Catalog ID: 0038
Length: >01:30:00
Official url: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/album/d-r-original-2017-version




Labyrinth                                                                     08:26


Den Hvide Død (The White Death)                               07:26
Daisy                                                                           06:47
Star Child                                                                     14:13

The Green Sage                                                           16:50

Blue Dwarf's Hill                                                            21:50
Dør                                                                             08:00
RBG (an examination in chromesthesia)                       04:02

Electric Cave                                                               05:20


Lullaby                                                                        05:31


Return to Center                                                        03:07




Free download!


Finally finished the making of sort of a full length compilation album of tracks I have previously released digitally in form of singles, EP's and other stuff with my drone/ambient/noise project in my own name.


It is put together such that it forms a coherent experience of a musical journey and consist of 11 tracks of various length that sums up to over one and a half hour of drone, ambient and noise music.


It is up for free on Bandcamp and coming the beginning of June it will be up on various online music services and stores as well, such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


It is the plan that I will later finance a homemade physical homemade double CDR including extra cover art, which will become available for ordering via Bandcamp (when exactly this will happen is unsure though).


With the full download of the album comes the full set of artwork to create ones own double CDR (including disk art), everything needed to do this will be a paper, printer, scissors and glue.


The tittle of this album Dør is the Danish word for Door (but in Danish that means Dies as well).




Edit!!!:  As you can tell from the player, that actually still functions, I changed this project's name from sharing my own real name to Fjernsind, which means that the original link I shared in this post to my Bandcamp profile doesn't work anymore, so here's a new one: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/


The name "Fjernsind" is a word play on the Danish word for "Tele-vision", "Fjern-syn", that directly translated means "Distant-vision" or "Remote-vision", and instead of "syn" ["vision"] as the last syllable, the Danish word for "mind", namely "sind", is used.

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And a bonus track was added as well, that comes with a full download of the album.


The track is called Canary and is a little different from the other tracks in the sense that is is more rhythmically founded, but still somewhat in the mood sphere of the rest of the tracks.


The only way to get it is with a full download of the album from the project's Bandcamp page, or wait about a week where it will be out on a 2 track single as a B side to the title track Den Hvide Død (the white death) through various online music stores and services such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify e.t.c


This bonus track and B side will not be included on the regular version of the album.


Here's the artwork I made for the track Canary:


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Made some changes to the album Dør as well as the availability of the track Canary.

Decided to add the track Labyrinth as the opener to the album Dør, that now features 11 tracks, since it seemed to fit perfectly in there.

Also it didn't seem to make much sense to make Canary exclusively available as a bonus track with a full download of the album Dør, when everyone would still be able to just go to Spotify and listen to the the track.

So beside the it still being a bonus track that comes with a full download of the album Dør from Bandcamp, the single featuring Den Hvide Død and Canary is now also available through Bandcamp, and still for free.

It can be listened to and downloaded here:


Edit!!!: This single is not available anymore, but both mentioned tracks features on the revisited version of the album that came out last year (2018) and can be listened to and downloaded for free here: https://fjernsind.bandcamp.com/album/d-r-2

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