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Iacchus - Fabric of the Cosmos (2017) [Mystic Sound Records] (psychill, psystep, IDM, etc)

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how do you do those synths Silken Twine 01:18 ?

like them ;)


shaolin swords is so nice and stylee


I can hear two synths around that time


The first is a more moody atmopheric pad, this is actually a omnisphere preset.  I rarely use presets or soft synths but it has some great sounds for moody atmospheric stuff

It is quickly followed by a more standard psy squelchy noise


This is made on my Virus TI.  It is a saw wave patch with 2 x unison and a bit of spread, ring modulator, and formant filtering, ie two band pass filters giving it that 'talky' element.  Could give more deets or upload a preset if you like

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