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What are you listening now?

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Im a big fan of the Altar label. Its all sub 120 bpm but maybe on the higher side for PsyBient?

Im enjoying their new release. 



On ultimae, i'm still loving the passages mix especially now in 24bit.



I also found Max Millions EP which seemed to have slipped me by. The tracks are a bit cut at the end but still some good sounds. Love his style.



Finally, catching up on old releases, im loving this gem I discovered from a few years back.


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Crystal Vibe was last years revelation for me as I'd never heard of him before and his album is delicious.


Is it OK to talk about older releases too? If so, I'm playing Open System's Sanyasin atm, which I hadn't listened to for quite a while. Sounds every bit as deep and moving as it ever did. God rest Jake Stephenson's soul.

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of course is OK to speak about older things, this topic is basically recommendation of what we are having pleasure to listen.


Crystal Vibe is new project, he has been a part of Special Mind duo. I hope the second album will follow soon. Here is his SC to follow .

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