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What are you listening now?

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I'm listening to a live broadcast called The Dub Chamber from DJ Selector Cleofus. It's on the Di.fm/psychill channel


I noticed a few of his sets on the psybient.org soundcloud also. Nice selection most of the time :)

Here is a link: https://soundcloud.com/cleofus/selector-cleofus-winter-solstice-2015



Ps: does anyone know how you 'get' to play on that di.fm/psychill channel? Wouldn't mind playing a mix or two for an online crowd :)

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Although I really like his other alias's debut -Open Canvas's Nomadic Impressions- I was only vaguely aware of Alpha Wave Movement. I've listened to this so far

and am now on to this

both very much to my liking. Sure he may sound old school but that's only because he is old school. The man, Gregory Kyryluk, has been around since the beginning of psychedelic downtempo music, starting out in '95. I'm very likely to binge listen to a lot of his stuff in the next few days I reckon.

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