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What are you listening now?

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01. Open Source - Indian Calling
02. Open Source - A Thousand Joys (new edit)
03. Open Source - A Great Dream (radio edit)
04. Talamasca - Obsessive Dream (Open Source rmx)
05. Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move (Open Source rmx)
06. Open Source - Rapid Rabbit
07. Shakira - Loca (Open Source rmx)
08. Open Source - This Is Paradise (rmx)
09. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Open Source rmx)

10. Open Source - Blessed All Forms Of Intelligence


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Just had a listen to this:

Pretty mediocre by Posford standards. There's a new album coming out, probably some time next year. I hope it's better than his last few Shpongle efforts, which had enjoyable moments but IMO were nowhere near as good as their first four.

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This morning I had a listen to Solar Fields' Blue Moon Station after many years. I remembered why it had been so long by the middle of the album: it is challenging and forward thinking even by today's standards imo. Much less accessible than his later efforts and varied to the point of disjointed in parts. I don't think I've listened to such an album in recent years. It's an album I must tackle again for sure.

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