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=> http://archive.org/download/DJNickelBSundownambientChilloutMix/DJ_Nickel_B-Sundown-%28ambient_chillout_mix%29.mp3 via @Podcast_Addict giving that a go


Episode: http://archive.org/download/DJNickelBSundownambientChilloutMix/DJ_Nickel_B-Sundown-%28ambient_chillout_mix%29.mp3


Track listing looks good




1. Source Vibrations - 417 Hz 2. Shpongle - Nothing is Something Worth Doing 3. Shantifax - Concrete Combination 4. Entheogenic - Bradbury Rings 5, Bluetech - Midnight Sound Service 6. Boards of Canada - Sundown 7. Connect.Ohm - Evolution 1:1 8. Solar Fields - Feelings 9. Phaeleh and Clubroot - Unharmed 10. Bonobo - Sapphire 11. CMBN8R - Tirgris 12. Ott- Baby Robot 13. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Somewhere in Russia 14. Random Rab - The Spice 15. Solar Fields - Mystic Science 16. Biosphere - Cloudwalker II 17. Benji Vaughn - Catherine Wheel

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Absolutely a great album! Enjoying my morning coffee here and waking up slowly with this :)

Can't wait for the vol.2 they just announced today!


I'm having a quick listen to the first few tunes of vol 2 before work (it's about 7:30 in the morning here) and I'm liking them far more than the first installment, where the first few tunes sounded too similar. Good call, thanks for the heads up andorra :)

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Exploring a new concept-mix from Itza.


"This series of journeys have been inspired by musical influences coming from the Romani people, commonly known as Gypsies. In many of the places the Romanies have lived, they have been known as notable musicians, blending a spectrum of sonic elements connected to the wide distances travelled. It all started with the Indian roots from Rajasthan, then adding and influencing elements of Persian, Middle East, Egyptian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, the Balkans, many other countries in East Europe, even American folk, amongst other zones worldwide. It all explains why it is so difficult to define the parameters of an unified Romani musical style, as there are many differences in melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and formal structures from region to region."


I just love Itza's work and vision!

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