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Overall it's less accessible than BtE, less catchy, but imo more psychedelic.

Absolutely agree with this. Only given it two listens now but it definitely grew on me more the second time around. I think before the first listen I had once again hyped myself up too much after hearing the (imo amazing) Oneiroi bonus track they released before the full album came out, which I thought was a very accessible track that made the album seem very weirdly psychedelic in comparison.


But the beauty of psychedelic music is that your perception of it can vary greatly depending on your mood and mindset that you bring into the listening session. So once I had let go of the expectations I had on the first listen it seemed to flow better the 2nd time around.

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A bit marginal, as there are some rock tracks on it, but most of it is many-layers-underground downtempo from '87. Funny thing is it's not feasible to release this on CD as it's 85 minutes long - originally on tape only.

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