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Hello people,


I would like to share with you a research project I'm doing together with V2_ (Media Art Institute) in Rotterdam about creating Headphone music.


With headphones, it is possible to cut away our complete sense of spatial listening (in an optimal case) and replace it with a possible new space. I see headphones as a completely different medium as room speaker setups and so it needs also a different way of production.


so here comes SPASM 4 Live (Max for live plugin for Ableton) in the game...


SPASM 4 Live gives you the possibility to create intuitive audio mixes by staging sounds in a virtual space. This video shows a getting started tutorial.

SPASM 4 Live (Spatial Audio Sound Mixer) is a tool for creating a spatial audio composition using Max for Live as the primary user interface. All calculations are hidden from the composer, so s/he can focus on the composition instead of on programming


Here is a quick tutorial: 


and you can get it here: http://www.v2.nl/lab/projects/spasm-4-live


what do you think?

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