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Dubmission Records have blazed a trail of warped woofers since the mid 90’s, when they launched with a trio of bass heavy dubwise compilations.


In 1996, they kicked off with the Mashing Up Creation album, which featured tracks by Doof, Adelphi and Andy Guthrie amongst others. It was reviewed favourably by The Sunday Times, DJ and Sleaze Nation – the latter describing it as “carrying on where original dub hijackers The Orb left off!†It was swiftly followed by Dubbed On Planet Skunk, with stand out tracks from Zion Train, Quirk and Alpha & Omega. The third instalment took 2 years to put together – More Bass Than Space was a double album which represented every spectrum of the modern dub scene, with tunes from artists as diverse as Hallucinogen, Woob, Solar Quest, Singers&Players and Tribal Drift. It sold well all over the world, and led to tours of Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and USA.


From 2001-5, the Dubmission crew concentrated more on artist management and event promotion than releasing records. However after hearing Ape to Angel by Pitch Black, they decided to bring Dubmission out of “retirementâ€, as it represented everything and more that the label had tried to achieve.


Since then the label has gone from strength to strength, with several more releases from Pitch Black (Frequencies Fall, Rude Mechanicals, Rhythm, Sound & Movement plus their first two albums, Futureproof and Electronomicon), as well as Seen, Heard and Felt by International Observer, Make Animals Happy by Warp Technique, Third Ear Audio’s Third Ear Audio and Paddy Free’s Karekare. The crew has also found time to compile two smoky collections for the Japanese label, Wakyo: On A Dubmission Volumes One and Two.


In 2010, to celebrate 15 years of business, they released 15 titles, including new EPs by Pitch Black, Warp Technique, Doof, International Observer and Green Monitor, plus re-issued classic but deleted albums by Bluey, Stress Assassin and Bill&Ben, as well as playing 15 shows around the world and uploading 15 DJ mixes of Dubmission music to download.


The last few years have seen EPs released by Akasha Experience, Quanta and E.R.S., two albums and two EP's by Deep Fried Dub, a collection of Pitch Black remixes of other artists, a collection of International Observer remixes of other artists, the debut studio by album by Misled Convoy and a new compilation series, The Next Mission, designed to showcase up and coming talent.


For more info, visit Dubmission Records website.


All Dubmission releases are available from Bandcamp plus all major download sites and streaming platforms.


We are always open to demos submitted via Soundcloud but please note we are not interested in tracks that are trying to sound like anybody else or what's cool right now. We prefer original music that comes from the heart, and ideally has lots of bass.


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Oh, I just found this one out, I like the idea very much, a label is like a company, something formal and I don't know how to put it into words, like I am very much like corporation commercials, the original and cool ones, but somehow you don't have the same feeling towards personal promotion, is there a word for such psychological phenomenon? Thank you!


I am not a big fan of psydubs, but I like akasha (experience) very much, especially the two EPs, shamanized and the chain. At one time I thought they were the other project of Entheogenic. The sound is just so strange and interesting. I really like how they tweak the human sound samples, weird in a very acceptable way.


I don't know how Akasha got to split later, but Quanta somehow lost that weird fun energy in the music. I felt it is a pity. Then it is impossible for anyone to have masterpiece after masterpiece. Maybe it is just the way it is. Hopefully someday someone can find some magic potion so that we can all learn to keep working together and keep it as fresh as ever....

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