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Is Orchid-Star still active?

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Just like the title asks. I've looked at Pete Ardron's facebook page but only found info about his solo tours. The O-S official page hasn't been updated since 2015 - when they joyfully celebrated 15 years of gigging. Does anyone know if this means they've split up or they're on an indefinite hiatus? I really like their second album, Faster, it sounds pretty unique to my ears; I hope there's a follow-up at some point. 

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Over on the right hand side it says there is a new post made today (June 2) that says there's an upcoming event on June 11th, so I guess they're still active.

On a side note, isn't it a huge band with 10+ members? Sounds like a lot to keep track of.


edit: nevermind, from their website:


Orchid-Star has performed with anything from 3 to 10 people on stage, core members and occasional guests
The members' diverse musical background embellishes the live sets as well as broadening the personality of the music.

Below is an almost complete list of those who have performed with Orchid star.
Current Line-up

Pete Ardron - Kbds and other stuff ÷»
Myo - vocals ÷»
Samanta Ray - vocals ÷»
Pierre Luigi - guitar/bass ÷»
SandRa - dancer »
Sean Spindrift - percussion ÷»
Damien Thill - percussion
Karl Walinets - trombone, sax, bass guitar, mandolin
Kim Retallick - violin

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actually that link leads to more info about that event, and it says that it's not actually Orchid Star playing, just Pete Ardron with Liquid Lounge and Terra Nine. So this doesn't answer if Orchid Star is still active or not.


But at least Pete Ardron is definitely still active, and he always seemed to be the main force behind Orchid Star. I agree that Pete and Orchid Star make great and unique music though.

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Bad news from the latest Orchid Star email newsletter:


Dear Friends,

This is just a quick message to let you know that unfortunately we've had to postpone the release of the new Orchid-Star album by 4 weeks until July 13th with the launch party on Sunday 15th due to the printing job being terrible when we got the CDs back from the factory but we will be going ahead with a regular Downtime event at Cafe Cairo this Sunday (Jun 17) regardless, with your hosts me and DJ Liquid Lounge

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Nice and loungy overall, but a lot less psychedelic than Faster. The first tune has a very Astralasia-like flavour. I really like the last one. I'm sure the album would sound perfect at a beach bar, especially if I were stoned and reclined on a deck chair. I don't know if I'll be inclined to listen to it again very soon at home though. We'll see.


Anyone else listened to it? What do you think?

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