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FrancoFunghi [hbr1.com]

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FrancoFunghi [hbr1.com ॠGOAgemein.de REC] was about 15 years old, when he had the first contact with electronic music like brian eno, pink floyd, jean michel jarre, klaus schulze, pete namlook, vangelis, tangerine dream and other musicians of electronic music. all began in 1991 where he got 'infected' with the strange goatrance-music virus from neighbor hippies.
first party he went was at new years eve 1992 at the location gaswerk in hamburg/germany. after this party he was lost in the atmosphere the blacklight-decorations and the spirit of goa-trance with the people, community and the parties with chillout areas all over germany + europe. starting DJing in 1994/95 as DJ copelandia (goa-trance act) with the uprising goa-scene in hamburg/germany.

2000 he changed his style and made the first steps in the ambientchill sector, another attempt in 2004 with some new mixes...in this time he has produced some own goatrance and ambient music, all stuff is unreleased.


in 2000 he is immigrated to south-spain and the canary islands (tenerife, la gomera+ fuerteventura) for living and working in the tourism.now he helps to spread the goa/psytrance and ambientchill music and parties over
spain and the canary islands, doing parties how he knows and likes and this reflect his music and mixing.

his style of the ambientchill - music is a deep, spacy ambientfloor with energetic rythms and floating sounds which you leave to fly deep into the universe.....


FrancoFunghi is co-admin and resident DJ at the internet - radiostation HBR1.com and member of GOAgemein.de REC.





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Ancient mystery, ancient history. Follow the tribe of the Guanches, the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands. It is believed that they migrated to the archipelago around 1000 BCE or perhaps earlier. While it is generally considered that the Guanches no longer exist as a distinct ethnicity...

This Mix reached the 45th rank within 1 week at the Mixcloud Chillout Charts, enjoy. Comments are aprreciated.



Artist: FrancoFunghi [hbr1.com - GOAgemein.de REC]
Album: Los Guanches
Type: Mix
Style tags: Psybient / Psychill / Ambient
Media type: 
Year: 2015
Label: GOAgemein.de REC
Length: 246 Min..

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