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Fuluf - Ephemeral Quiescence (2015)

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In northern hemisphere, winter is usually the time of the year when people are quite depressed due to lack of daylight and quite cold and bad weather like we've had for quite a few months here in Estonia. This mix is to remind us that although things might seem bad, there is still beauty all around us :)
1. Androcell - Root of Pharmacology - Altar
2. Radioactive Sandwich - La Muerte Peluda - Mystic Sound
3. Lab's Cloud - Back to the Roots - Altar
4. Nibana - Owari Da - Maia Brasil
5. Yarn - Organic Frequencies - https://soundcloud.com/yarnsounds
6. Unknown Reality - Life is... - https://soundcloud.com/brainalien
7. Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze (Ott remix) - Twisted
8. Om Sagar - Shengualaya - http://omsagar.bandcamp.com/
9. Cell - Idea Spiral (Ozora 2011 live edit) - Ultimae
10. Kaminanda - As Above... So Below - http://kaminanda.bandcamp.com
Happy listening !

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