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Schofield - Chill DJ Set recorded Live @ Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015

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Here's my mix from the Chill Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Sunday, 25 January 2015.  It's been an honour for me to play there for the last 8 or 9 years (I should check how long, maybe next year will be my tenth anniversary set...).


It was a Sunday morning, 9-11am.  The mix starts out rather contemplative - as do Sunday mornings generally - before pitching up into some beats and a bit of here and there-ness.


Anyway, it's a great festival and about the only one I get to these days.  Hope you enjoy...  :)


Ross (Schofield)





Tina Malia - Jaya Bhagavan

Padmasana - Evolution

Living Light - Perihelion

Hang in Balance - Midnite (NAs-ja Remix)

The Books - Chain Of Missing Links

Ajja & Cosmosis - Around The Bend

Mr Squatch - Safe in Sound

The Human Experience - Lion Heart

Subaqueous - Dusk's Dawning (Feat. D'answer)

EurythmY & Electrypnose - Further

Austero - Fuerza Brutal

Origamibiro - Vitreous Detachment

Giyo - Parisian Girl

Dirtwire - Back Home

Pickin' On Series - Oppression (The Human Experience Remix)

Akshin Alizadeh - Southern Man

Kalya Scintilla - Feeln' Good

saQi - Spirit's Cradle ft. Worth and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia

Ajja & Cosmosis - Rhodes To Nowhere

saQi - Incantation

Lou Reed vs Lunar Sound vs Austero - Step Beyond the Wildside (Schofield Mashup)

Zen Baboon - Optimist Bees

Pink Floyd - Keep Talking (Lucid Vision Remix feat. Melody Lines)


If you want to you can find me here:

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