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Sound quality (files, soundcards, soundsystems)

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Dj friends,


i think good "audio" performer need to have good understanding of his field, and for event organisers, party goers, dj's and producer understanding of amplified sound systems is important.


today i red an interesting articles about sound systems, might be interesting for others too. Article is pretty basic, but personally i enjoyed it as well as comment section:



some highlights:

- best value for money 12" tops + sub.

- Active Speakers are advised for up to 1000 people, more then that better to use Passive.

- better buy brands / second hand.

- 1000 watt sound system = +/- 100-200 persons event


in this article there was reference to a more advanced article => http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2015/02/djs-guide-loudspeaker-management-systems/

that second article covers Crossover, Limiter/compressor, Equalisation, Delay and some others.

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