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Gregg @ Hermetech Mastering

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Hi all,


I'm happy to be a part of this forum! Not sure what framework you are using, but it looks nice and modern and has loads of customisations, which is great!


I'm a mastering engineer from the UK originally, although I haven't lived there since the last millennium. I was living in Yokohama for 12 years, Milan for 3 years, and am now resident in Paris, very close to the Eiffel Tower (I can see it from my studio window, which is very nice!) I have a wonderful wife and we have an 8 year old daughter.


I've been mastering since 2002, professionally since 2009. I love music in all genres, but have a special love of Ambient music. I've been lucky enough to master various tracks and releases for Interchill Records (The Waypoint compilation, the new album from AFD), Dakini Records (Drumspyder, Makyo, Padmasana, Jinniyah), Gus & Cozi Till, Seb Taylor, Ishq, Another Fine Day, Greg Hunter, Hataken and many more besides. There are no presets in the work I do and every release is treated with equal care and as a blank slate. I do what needs doing to serve the soul of the music, no more and no less!


I'm an old hat on forums and mailing lists, first started hanging on the Black Dog forum around 1999 (it had been a bulletin board previously, since around 1992), the Analogue Heaven email list, I was a mod on the MuffWiggler modular synth forum from 2008-2013 (used to have over 24u of Frac modular), and ran my own Industrial Music & Culture forum for a couple of years.


My main interests outside of music are occultism/spiritual studies (from theoretical, academic, practical, and artistic angles), with most interest in Qabala & the Western Esoteric Tradition (particularly Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant), and some Eastern traditions (Kundalini & Raja Yoga, Chakras, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon, Shinto, Sufism etc.), the artwork of Austin Osman Spare (I am lucky enough to own one original sketch from 1944), and psychedelics (again from theoretical, academic, practical, and artistic angles). I have been studying psychedelics for over 25 years now, and will be attending the next Breaking Convention conference in London this summer.

So, that's just a bit about me. Feel free to ask any questions, I'm always happy to discuss things.

Best wishes and I am very much looking forward to contributing something positive to this forum when time allows!

Gregg at Hermetech Mastering, Paris


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friends, i also added a topic about mastering Services in the forum => http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/1609-mastering-services-for-psybient-and-related-genres/

feel welcome to make a "shout" to your favs mastering ingeneers and propose some addons.

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