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Sets/Recordings from Festivals 2017

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I happened to (almost) missed travelling this summer, so to recoup on missed performances I hope to catch up with what artists are gonna upload/publish. 

Here are couple sets I've already come across:



Aythar at Samsara 2017 [in the Mix]

Dubsahara - Recorded Live @ Sonica Dance Festival 2017


Please help me grow the list bigger!  :)



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Yarn set @ Samsara Festival (09.08.2017)
00:00 Yarn - Sigh of Old Trees (Astropilot Music)
08:07 Yarn - Upcoming release (2017 / VA)
15:58 Yarn - Understanding (Blue Tunes Chillout)
25:10 Cord - Suburb Tales (Yarn remix/Mystic Sound Records)
31:16 Yarn - Soaked Sunlight (unreleased)
43:50 Yarn - Upcoming release (2017 / VA)
50:47 Yarn - Unnamed track (unreleased)
58:06 Yarn - Upcoming release (2017 / VA)
1:08:45 Yarn - Made of Cosmic Dust (Astropilot Music)
1:17:41 Yarn - Upcoming release (3rd album teaser)

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Hi guys ive just discovered this post so here you have my live set at Harmonic Festival last July , really amazing festival , great vibes and great people in France :)




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