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Hi , 


since a while i have a dream to have a VA that is connected and maybe even have a direct reference to psybient.org in its name.


maybe it will be called - VA - psybient.org compilation volume 1 .... 


We are all creating this project together, so i am curious to know your ideas and visions ....


- what kind of compilation you want ?

- how to make it special ?

- which artists should be with us ?

- any other name suggestions ?

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This is awesome! Already looking forward to this :)



If it's going to be "psybient.org compilation" I would like to hear artists who are forum members but also artists (who are not forum member) that have been interviewed by psybient.org. That would make the connection to psybient.org compilation... And I'd prefer for unreleased tracks...


I would name the compilation with a bit different approach like "VA - /compilation name/ by psybient.org".

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thank for your input ! We are still thinking on concept and condition, but you can already send your demos to us via contact form.

We accept demos in private "playable" and "downloadable" links (for example soundcloud or dropbox). Mastered and unmastered tracks are welcome.


use contact form on this page => https://www.psybient.org/love/about/

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