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What's going on with YouTube links?

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it looks like the videos are broken, i can't get support from forum "developers", because we are using out-dated version of software.

it is not difficult to upgrade to new version, but if we do this :

1) we will loose the "look and feel" of this custom developed theme.

2) we will loose all the bandcamp players.


i would love to take care of it, but i am lacking of time as i am concentrating on new version of website. 

if there are any "it guys" here that are willing to help that would be cool.

otherwise in 2 monthes i hopefully will have time to do this.


p.s. we also lost the "facebook" login because if outdated version. 

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if you want to post a new link that you need to format it as a URL via button on the "editing" tab, as for older posts i dont think is possible. 

but we will fix it one moment or another, i am sorry again, i wish there was no issues of this type at all.

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