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Andorra - Dreamscapes EP [Melusine Records 2017] (downtempo, psybient)

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Hi everyone!


I'm so excited to share with you my new EP released with Melusine Records! I hope you enjoy it! :)


Much love!


Artist: Andorra



Andorra is a psychedelic chillout project of Pekka Kemppi, an electronic music producer from Helsinki, Finland. 

Known for his storytelling vibe, atmospheric melodies and floating textures combined with chilled downtempo and psybient beats Andorra is releasing his first official EP on Melusine Records in November 2017! 

"Dreamscapes" is a floating journey through a dreamlike state where dreams and landscapes merge together creating the most unimaginable and extraordinary worlds one can imagine! 

All tracks were written and produced by Pekka Kemppi.


released November 1, 2017 

W&P by Pekka Kemppi

Mastering: Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)  

Cover picture was taken by Pekka Kemppi 
Digital cover editing:: Etal  

Released by Melusine Records @2017


all rights reserved

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