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Progressive Anarchists

Progressive Anarchists - West Meets East (2017) [SELF-RELEASED VINYL] (psybient, progressive, postrock)

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Artist: Progressive Anarchists


about the album

The album "West Meets East" contains a selection of six songs in an untypical style of psychedelic music - influenced by various kinds of electronic music as well as progressive rock and post rock. The production of West Meets East has been done using various hardware synthesizers which were sometimes played using MIDI guitars and electronic wind controllers with the goal to play unknown and rare sounds in an uncommon way.
The goal of the Progressive Anarchists is to compose genre-free psychedelic music with a progressive flow and rare sounds. The music may be described as a mixture of "Old School"  goa trance, ambient, dub as well as post rock and even classic rock. But it isn't really anything of that - just to imagine.




The vinyl release is based on a different master to satisfy the different preferences of different listeners and the characteristics of this media. It is self-released and not on label.


how to get

The digital version of this album is available on the most popular streaming and download platforms like Spotify, Deezer and Napster but the album can also be listened for free on Soundcloud or be downloaded on our website for free. The vinyl release may be ordered at bandcamp. Use the discount code 'psybient' to get 10% off.


about Progressive Anarchists
We are two guys (Paul and Thomas) from central Germany working together in our studio. The production of electronic music is more or less a hobby of us. Progressive Anarchists were originally found in the MID-1990s to release Fasttracker files. During the years, a studio has been created a DAW with different hardware and soft synths replaced the old Fasttracker. After releasing many single tracks just to provide them as free downloads over the years, we decided to release an album with six selected works on vinyl.



Artwork: Ursula Zepter



Mastering: Mike Gruszin





if you like to support us

Add any of our songs to public playlists, play them at your podcasts, write a feedback.


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After composing electronic music for several years just to release free downloads, we had the idea to release an album on vinyl.


One of our motivation was the reason that very few artists producing psychedelic electronica release on vinyl today and we wanted to do "our small step" to bring psytrance back to vinyl. Because nearly all labels in this genre don't release vinyl since over ten years and if so, only well-known artists like Shpongle or Carbon Based Lifeforms, we made the decision to manage everything ourselves.


But another motivation was also to get experience. While we evaluated the offers of different pressing plants, we intensively optimized six of our previously unmastered songs.


for the mixdown (the part before the pre-mastering) we did the following steps:

1st: Removing all really necessary parts of our songs to get a playtime of not more than 22 minutes per side.


2nd: Applying low- and highpass filters to every single instrument track and moving them to the positions which were just enough to hear no difference because sometimes, not really perceptible frequencies tend to produce clipping if too loud. Beside that, very low and very high frequencies cannot be depicted trivially on vinyl and we thought that it is better to wipe them out on it's source than on the sum track in the later mastering process.


3rd: Optimizing the volumes of each instrument track. For that, we pre-listened each song many times to find out the best compromise to get everything hearable as well as possible. In some cases, we modified the velocity of single tones to avoid degenerated loudness peaks. Furthermore, we played around with EQs.


(pre-)mastering and pressing

After we applied our audio modifications as described and could not find anything we could optimized ourselves, a sound engineer pre-mastered our songs to meet the requirements for a vinyl pressing. Just to understand: In case of a vinyl pressing, the pre-mastering is that what is colloquially called mastering while mastering means to cut the laquer as template for the press tools. Finally we got two masters of each song: One for the vinyl release and one to be used for the digital downloads.


After we evaluated the offers of different pressing plants, we decided to press our record at Flight 13 Duplication in Karlsruhe (Germany) - including the mastercut and the cover printing. And we are very happy with the result because the vinyl record sounds nearly like the digital pre-master.


We decided to produce an edition of 200. More is too much for an unknown artist like us. Less cannot be economic (the production costs per item would be higher than any record store pays for it).


By the way, most pressing plants offer price calculators on their websites. But more important than the price is that the cutter does a good job.

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If anybody likes to get the vinyl release - we offer the album for €10 on Bandcamp during the XMAS holidays. Afterwards, the price will be as usual again to be fair to the record dealers which also offer it.



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