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Hello fellow Psybients

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Hello all.


I have recently joined this community and I really love the vibe that's being promoted here. It's also great to find a group of individuals who share the same musical tastes as myself.


When I'm not a listener I am a creator. Here's a sample of one of my latest pieces which features in the Ambient Online Compilation Volume 8 which was released earlier this year (which I also encourage you to check out and support if you like your music on the ambient side). :)





Many thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.

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Listened through and thought, damn, that is one quiet mastering. Then discovered that I had my Soundcloud volume set to 5%.......


Very nice tune, tho. Goes very well with the windy winter weather outside at the moment. I Like it a lot!


Many thanks for listening ... It is a somewhat "quiet" piece anyway but it is supposed to be a gentle journey. :)

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