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Alchemist - Golden Ratio - Podcast for Radio Q37 (Psybient / Psydub / Tribal Downtempo)

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Eclectic Psybient set with lots of Dubby, Tribal and Funky influences. Great to discover many wonderful tracks released during the past two years.

As you may notice from the wonderful artwork, this mix was broadcasted on Radio Q37, as part of the 'Golden Ratio' sessions during 2017. Every month of another DJ/producer takes over ҒLΦɎD's radio show, and presents his own mix. During November it was my turn to provide some fresh beats. Enjoy!


High quality downloads are enabled.


*Chris Komus - The Shortest Day Of The Year [Hadra AlterVision Records, 2017]
*Ascent & Argus - The Trip To Unknown (Sample) [sadhu Records, 2016]
*Kaya Project - Jamming With Marco (Gumi Remix) [Tribal Shift Records, 2016]
*Chilopod - Eye N I [Visionary Shamanics, 2017]
*Balancé - New Rise [Electrik Dream Records, 2017]
*OCO - Hollow (Balancé Remix) [Electrik Dream Records, 2017]
*Music Simplified - Consciousness Can Dance [Visionary Shamanics, 2017]
*Kalya Scintilla - The Calling (Desert Dwellers Remix) [Desert Trax, 2017]
*Kalya Scintilla - Horus (Numatik Remix) [Merkaba Music, 2017]
*Kaya Project - Dark Roads (Desert Dwellers Remix) [Desert Trax, 2016]
*Sephira - Syncopation [Merkaba Music, 2017]
*Sephira feat. The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys - Top Mast [bMSS Records, 2017]
*Luke Mandala feat. Neil Kramer - Inspiration [Desert Trax, 2017]
*Flowertz - Earth Beat [Electrik Dream Records, 2017]
*Kaya Project - One Hundred Lights (Grouch in Dub Remix) [interchill, 2014]
*Cosmic Touch - Buddha Bass [badgers Records, 2017]
*Squazoid - Strange Mental Universe [Nutek Chill, 2017]
*Painkiller - Downtemple [Nutek Chill, 2017]
*IooN Cosmic Downtempo - Entheogenikush [Purple Hexagon Records, 2017]
*Liquid Bloom - Fire Gathering (AtYyA remix) [black Swan Sounds, 2017]
*Maiia - Path to Eternity [Mystic Sound Records, 2017]
*Symbolico - Nothing Matters [Mystic Sound Records, 2015]
*Blueforest - Endless Stairs [badgers Records, 2017]
*Bwoy De Bhajan - Universal Squid Express [iboga Records, 2017]
*Dubsalon - Hexagram [Nutek Chill, 2017]
*AddSimeon - Anablue [Hadra AlterVision Records, 2017]
*Juju Planet Dub - Dubadelica (AddSimeon remix) [Tiptop Underground Records, 2017]
*The Human Experience & Atla feat. Mal Webb - Traveling Blues [iboga Records, 2017]
*Contiuum - Rising Slowly (False Identity Remix) [Dubmission Records, 2017]
*TSP - DeMeTrius [Liquid Sound Design, 2017]
*Dubsalon - Home [Nutek Chill, 2017]
*Sigil - Materialism [Glitchy.Tonic.Records, 2013]
*Nibana - Aeon [self-released, 2017]

Also be sure to check out the following Golden Ratio Podcasts, each Monday evening on RadioQ37.com !

September 2017: Sheewton
October 2017: Changa Manga
November 2017: Alchemist
December 2017: Jedidiah
Jauary 2018: Fuluf
February 2018: Phooka
March 2018: Emo aka Psydraft
April: Phoenix
May 2018: Minimalogic
June 2018: Acid Eaters

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