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news - 2015 - W9 - release of the week poll

2015 - W9 - release of the week poll  

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  1. 1. Which release(s) would you like to highlight this week?

    • Ahab - Osiris [ Gravitas Recordings ]
    • Amely Suncroll - Immersion [ Plexus Music ]
    • Blue Lunar Monkey - All One [ Altar Records ]
    • Consciousness Federation - Transversal Moves [ Self Released ]
    • Irislight - Primordial Soleus Beam [ Anodize ]
    • Sebastien Marchal - Goldfish [ Workbenchmusic ]
    • Slownoise - Silent Wilderness [ Cold Tear Records ]
    • Stereomantra - Heliocentric EP [ Free-Spirit Records ]
    • Symbolico - The Art Of Dream Travel [ Merkaba Music ]
    • Woob - Light And Levitation [Epilogue] [ Bigamoebasounds ]
    • Zeller - Space Time EP [ Tympanik Audio ]

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Greetings, friends! Your friendly poll pixie here, with another selection of auditory delights for your consideration :D


I invite you to discuss and highlight the music releases that have been announced this week in psybient.org news.


You are very welcome to vote for your favourite, most 'interesting' album(s) and/or share your impressions and thoughts on the music.


p.s. This is new idea, and we will post similar topics once per week. If you have any ideas regarding how to make this more interesting, fun, and easy to use, please let me know.


Embedded players for each release are under the spoiler - click 'show' below to display them.



Last week's results (these are the results after one week of voting - you can still vote and comment on this selection - click here!):


1st: VA - Microcosmos Chill-out Vol 2


2nd: AtYyA - Aurical


3rd: Brujo's Bowl - The Sky Is Falling




Big love _/\_

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Just came back from work and saw an email announcing Chronos' new compilation on Mystic Sound. This is the second installment of retrospective compilations -a third and final one is to be released in due course- gathering most scattered compilation tracks. I love just about everything he's released so far so that's certainly a treat :)


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