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Hello! I make trippy geometric animation loops for music videos and VJs

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Hey I'm the guy behind UON Visuals, I've been teaching myself animation over the past 4 years to bring bits and pieces of what I've seen during psilocybin/dmt/ayahuasca ceremonies back here. I've put out hundreds of animation loops so far and keep working on more every day!


If you'd like to check out my work:
http://instagram.com/uon.visuals (My instagram page, where I post a few times a week)
http://facebook.com/uon.visuals (My facebook, where I post higher quality videos including my VR animations)

If any of you are VJ's, or like to put together visuals for your music mixes, I also sell my loops on my store! They come in both Resolume DXV format (some of them with an alpha channel!) and also MP4 format. They are 1080p/60fps, but recently I've started making 4k/60 loops as well.
You can get them here: http://gumroad.com/uon

And finally... if anyone has any requests, or suggestions on making my videos work better for them in their work, please let me know! Always looking for feedback :)

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good videos !


we have http://psybient.org/podcast that we release for free on soundcloud. I was thinking to put few episodes on youtube with animation, if you are interested we can collaborate and let you do animation for it...  you can have you watermark in it etc.


if interested write me a personal message via forum or on better on fb http://facebook.com/psybient.org

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