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Key-G - Omens & Artifacts (2017) [Desert Trax] (Psydub)

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Heyy , Kike from Key-G here , 


just seen my last album is not posted here at the forum so im sharing it now so that the people who havent had a chance to listen to it can do it.

If someone wants to ask me something about the album or anything else i would be happy to answer  greetings to allyaa  :)







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Hi Lurii thanks for all the work you do to spread the music , to be honest my gear is really humble i just use the computer , a novation keyboard for studio and Akai mini one for live.

I use a lot of plugins and im testing new staff all the time but of course i have some that use more like Omnisphere , Reaktor , Serum and Kontakt.Im an Ableton user and i usually create my sub with Operator.


For efx i  really like Fabfilter (who doesnt) , Soundtoys , Sugarbytes , Stillwell Audio .....and love the Ableton natives too , convolution reverb is amazing.


On the other hand there are some guitars on the album recorded with an AKG special for spanish guitar , vocals on IN SAi by LIly Jung was recorded with a Neuman mic if i remember correctly and there are also many sounds (even my vocal and my girldfriends one ) recorded with a really cheap Shure but that sounds are extremely processed so i dont need a first quality microphone for that ... :)

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