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Obri - Afterglow [Ektoplazm Release]

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Hi all :)


I would like to share some good news with you, I just released my first full length album on Ektoplazm :)

Here are details :


Obri – Afterglow




01 - Afterglow (62.5 BPM) 
02 - Northface (95 BPM) 
03 - Graphite (120 BPM) 
04 - Shoe (feat. Kiki) (120 BPM) 
05 - Sunday (123 BPM) 
06 - Bushido (60 BPM) 
07 - Aero Sol (130 BPM) 
08 - Granula (120 BPM) 
09 - Cadde (Street) (122 BPM) 
10 - Beyond (74 BPM)
Here are some words from Ektoplazm :
Afterglow is the debut album from Giorgi Dolaberidze AKA Obri, a musician from Tbilisi, Georgia. As a b-boy, rapper, and graffiti artist raised in one of Tblilisi’s Soviet-era suburbs in late 90s, Obri began exploring breakbeat and other electronic music genres, but was soon immersed in psychedelic trance music. Alongside other enthusiasts he founded GeoPsy, a pioneering underground psychedelic community in Georgia, and soon moved into production. These ten tracks summarize his long personal journey into sound, experimenting with different elements of psychedelia from deep ambient techno soundscapes to hypnotic acid roughness. Artwork by Digital Visionary Art of Giohorus. Mastered at CES Studio.
I can say that album is pretty diverse, starting from acid ambient and exploring different aesthetics: techno, idm, dnb, experimental beats but you can feel psychedelic all over the album (that's my opinion at least) :)
feel free to listen,download, enjoy, post your opinion, review, etc etc, it will be amazing :)
or show some support on Bandcamp :
PS: Subscribe for more info on: facebook official page

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i enjoyed your music Man !

will give it few more listens next days :)


why not put "pay as you want" on bandcamp ? i would prefer to download there rather then from ektoplazm, and i would tip some money on top : ) but with 7 usd tag, it makes me think that i need to listen first well. 

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