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Tim & Struppi - Lost in Thoughts Podcast #4 (ketapop, downtempo, slow house)

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In today’s rush, we all think too much - seek too much - want too much - and forget about the joy of just being. So close your eyes, sink into the music and create your own utopia.



1. Dandara - Too Close (Iories Pink Glasses Mix)
2. Hocaido - Circle of Life
3. The Beatles - Come Together (Jacob Groening Remix)
4. Ninze - Early Morning
5. Apsara - Just in Time
6. Detmolt - Kaos
7. Dave Echo - Particle Decelerator
8. Lukas Endhardt - Jalan Jalan
9. Null Neutral - In the dark to see (Ninze Remix)
10. Iannis Ritter & Christopher Schwarzwalder - Cross a Line (Wide Awake Remix)
11. Iorie - Fool
12. Dosem - Beyond Standards
13. Janis Blum - Sun (Ninze Moonmix)
14. Ninze - Gravity


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