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DJ gogi - Dubbuisness (Psydub Mixtape, 2018)

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This was supposed to go up one year ago and got lost in the archives, reviewed and refreshed, I gladly present my new mixtape - Dubbusiness.
Featuring music by Ashnaia Project, Dubsalon, Bluetech, Ishdub, Martins Garden, Chris Komus, Vlastur, Master Margherita, Third Ear Audio and more.
Enjoy and thank you for listening!

Dubsalon - Timeless 
Ashnaia Project - Wake & Bake 
Ishdub - Dub Therapy 
Bluetech - Hanuman 
Martins Garden - Tomoshibi 
Strange Substance - Forgotten 
Chris Komus - Gallagher's Hammer 
Radioactive Sandwich - Ex Nihilo (Tripswitch Remix) 
Master Margherita - Binghi Dub 
Vlastur - Cycladic Dub 
Brujo's Bowl - Seeking That Place 
Vonoom - Dirty Dishwater 
Bluetech - Prayers For Rain (Ott Remix) 
Third Ear Audio vs Krusseldorf - Up in Smoke / Nobs (gogistyle mix)
More chill:


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