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Chlorophil - liquid sunshine dub (2018) [Liquid Sound Design] (psydub/progressive)

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tribute to Liquid Sound Design, all tracks are from the Liquid Sound Design label past and present



Angel Tears - Ishka
puretone orchestra - Infinite Sunshine 05:27
orb - high noon 10:52
Dub Trees vs Kallisti - Celestial Mechanics (Instant Satori Dub Remix) 16:24
saafi brothers - Catch Me If You Can (Gabriel Le Mar ReDub) 21:55
kuba - Mas Intensas 32:25
Antam Yar ft Digital Skunk - Voyage (Globular's Trip Inward Mix) 37:23
dub trees - Magnetica 44:36
suns of Arqa - The Fool Ascends (Tor.Ma In Dub remix) 53:51
Liquidyne - Tranquil Horse 58:08
Cosmic Trigger - SubGenius 1:03:20
saafi brothers - Joy Of Mystery 1:07:16
United States of Love - Tiger Moon (Vatos Locos Remix) 1:15:37
Dub Trees - Delfic Tongue (l’Association Of The Venus Oracle Dub) 1:22:03
Ghostliner - Phoenix 1:28:43
Abakus - A Whole New Way Of Looking At The Day 1:33:20
orb - mother nature chlorophil remix 1:36:09
mixmaster morris - Blue My Mind 1:40:47
youth & gaudi - stars dub 1:46:46

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