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Chlorophil - Dream Forword (2018) [Astropilot Music] (psybient/progressive/chillout)

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A tribute to the AstroPilot Music label!! awesome label of amazing spacey electronica and a celebration for spring forward!! all tracks in this mix are from the label and at end some of my latest work a remix of sanctuary of fireflies by Jedidiah


AstroPilot - Through The Veil

Sacred Seeds - Unity
Dynamic Illusion - Samsara Flame (feat. Richard Stonefield)
Spectrum Vision - Brook
IooN Cosmic Downtempo - Endorphine Shimmering
Cloower Wooma - Alt+Fut
Yarn - Sigh of Old Trees
Terrapi feat. P'O Bolduc - Elementary Alchemy
Unusual Cosmic Process - Elysium
Advanced Suite - Drifting
AstroPilot - Coda
Maitreya - MahaMrityunjaya
Skytechnic - Hipnotica
Kyoto - Spirals
Dreaming Cooper - Ashes
AstroPilot - Heritage
Unusual Cosmic Process - Acoustic Levitation
Dream Twice - Closer To Green
Jedidiah - Sanctuary of the fireflies (chlorophil remix)

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