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There is no movement without rhythm

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I think this simple statement is powerful. Rhythm is the heart-pulse of an individual, extended to that individuals community.

It unifies the one with the many, and the many with the one. It forms the rich tapestry on which healthy societies are built.
FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)

Wider society has lost its rhythm, after many years of economic oppression dressed as religious and state persecutions, aiming to deprive us of our self-direction through fear - the many have become disconnected from the one. 


Slowly we are rediscovering rhythm, and gaining a deeper understanding of the difference between rhythm (as self-direction) and arrhythmia (as a top-down system of control)


Projects such as festivals, drum circles,  unite us in rhythm, and while yes, it's a great party - the importance of being able to dance to a unified beat is essential if we ever hope to break away from the machine that is the market economy. 


While we are dancing this is something that is felt, an intuitive understanding, that isn't often understood through words.



Thoughts? :)

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It sure feels good to be connected to others through sharing a rhythm or even through dancing to the same tune, and trying to enhance your life by connecting to such primal sources is surely a positive thing. I once saw a circle of traditional African percussionists play and sing in a park at a cannabis march in London (on acid) and it was a fantastic experience. I wouldn't hold my breath for societal changes on a large scale though, that isn't going to happen any time soon. Among other reasons, whole societies that were unified by rhythm were most probably small, with people sharing the same culture and experiences. The only thing to do, for as long as you can, is be the change you want to see :)

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