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hi :)


what are your favorite ethno psy  tracks ? can be both ambient beatless or dancy 


i love Makyo, Liquid Bloom, Cell, Entheogenic .  Share your tracks names and artist names.



you can post youtube links too. They will not work as embedded, but we can open them in new window.

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"Yeshe - Ngoni dreaming (Drumspyder RMX)"     Not on youtube, but on soundscould ;)

Does "The Peaking Goodess Collective - Hyperspace", or "Adham Shaikh - Opal" count as ethno? I'd say yes. then there is

one of the best remixes of all time "Laya Project - New Day (Pitch Black RMX)"

"Kalya Scintilla - Tribal Generator"

And of course "Hutti Heita - Indianer" :D


Im actualy surprised that this topic is ignored until now.

I mean, I might as well continue myself then :ph34r: bc there is so much more


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