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Peyote - Incredible Health Benefits

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How was your experience with peyote, if you ever used it?


I was thrilled to find out that this plant is extremely good for our physical health - like it helps with anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

And the interesting thing is that old Mexican tribe has traditionally used the peyote (hikuri) cactus in religious rituals. Because of the visions and effects of the plant, their shaman is able to speak to the gods and ensure the regeneration of the Huichols' souls.




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Most people use peyote for different reasons, and a lot are for psychedelic reasons because of it's natural mescaline. Not only is it beneficial for anxiety, it also cures other ailments such as joint pain, skin diseases, toothache and headache pain as well. However, it is extremely dangerous for people with underlying conditions. 

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