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Esthetic Dreams

Esthetic Dreams

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Hi Guys,

My name is Andrey, I am from Belarus and I represent the musical project "Esthetic Dreams".

"Esthetic Dreams" is music that balances on the faces of such directions as: Psy-chill, psy-dub, psy-embient, chillout, ambient, worlld.
The symbiosis of ethnic music of the world and electronic music allows me to convey by sounds, the state of my soul and to give people the beauty of this world.

At the moment, I have released two singles and a mini album "Shanti".
I also participated in the collection "Portal to Pangea" from the label Gaia Psybient Music.


I will be happy if you like my music. And I will be glad to any interaction with you!
Listen to my work here
: https://estheticdreams.bandcamp.com/


You are best!

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Hello friends!
Due to my life problems and lack of finances, I fell a little out of control. But, nevertheless, I did not stop all this time and continued to work.
I can present to you what was created slowly and painstakingly in 2019. It is not much, but it is part of me, it is an important part of my path.

Esthetic Dreams - "Chashka"
This composition is my view of the Belarusian folk song "Chashka"


Sheila Chandra - Quiet 8 - Esthetic Dreams psychill remix
This is the official remix of Quiet 8 for the great singer Sheila Chandra. This work took half a year of negotiations and, contrary to all, saw the light of day.


Currently, work is underway on a large conceptual work which I hope to present in early April.

I will be glad to reviews and any help.

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