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Hi friends!
You're welcome to check out the first installation of a new series of my mixing experiments :)

Tracks featured:
SBK - Sonderzug [spirit Zone Recordings]
Deep Dive Corp. - Jiyou [in-D Records]
Solar Fields - Elevator Sunshine Girl [ultimae Records]
Shwamp - Glitch Adventure [Mindspring Music]
Zen Baboon - Kaleido Fish
communication Tube - Theory of Consciousness [Microcosmos Chill-out]
Feel - Since Tomorrow [Forestdelic Records]
OOOD - Anima [Diversity In The Isles]
I.M.D & Jedidiah ft. Joel - Luz
Gayalaxy - No Sorrow [AstroPilot Music]
Solar Fields - Active Sky (Origin 2003) [ultimae Records]
Irukanji - Hybrid Seven [sentimony Records]
Astronaut Ape & Chronos - Irish Bar at the End of Universe [Mystic Sound Records]
Essence Project - Sayfa [Cosmicleaf Records]
Cosmic Touch - Ether Om [Visionary Shamanics Records]

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One more cyclothymic experiment, this time, I'm frivolously hopping around the 115 BPM mark, covering deep chill tunes, some bass movement and organic house vibes. Changing styles, changing moods. Hope you like it, thank you for listening :)


Jaya - Ice Cream Weather [uxmal Records]                   
GMO - Offline [blue Tunes Chillout]                            
Sahalé - Saana                                
Ashterra - The Great Nothing [Tunguska Electronic Music Society]            
Chrisna Karast - Bliss Of Vrindavan [Visionary Shamanics]           
Sigil - Storm [into This Wired Abyss]                          
Hibernation - Click Hauz [Tribal Shift Records]                           
Hraach - Dle Yaman (116 Deep Mix)           
Maan - Oxytocin [Mindspring Music]                             
Niyaz - Imân (Estray Deep Root Edit)         
Kaya Project - Lele Yane (ft. Irina Mikhailova)     
Kaya Project - Lele Yane (Astropilot Remix)         
Sangeet - Fresh Beginnings [Lump Records]                    
Taica  - Root Force [Mindspring Music]                          
Warp Technique - Nowhere Dub [Dubmission Records]                          
Lo.Renzo - Cave [Visionary Shamanics]                                
Obsqure - Hijaz [Cosmicleaf Records]                               
Kayatma - Up To Sun [Microcosmos Records]                           
Emog - Belisama  [Visionary Shamanics]                           
Essence Project - Touch the Ground [Cosmicleaf Records]                    
Erätarkastaja - Utu II [Foil On Records]     

You might enjoy:

More chill:

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Obsqure - Airborn Memories 
Nebu Mitte - Jaadoo feat. Eugenia Prieto 
Heyoka - Shmazdipdoodlydurkayoda 
Hypnotizer - Changing Energy 
Thorazin - Nouminous 
Sapien - Roboticus 
Land Switcher x Johny Pablo - Forces 
Nanosphere - Swamp dimension 
The Disco Biscuits - Konkrete (Ott Remix) 
Slackbaba - One Sure Curative 
Yestegan chaY - Sarit Hadub 
Birds of Paradise - Skyward Eye (Landswitcher Remix) 
Radioactive Sandwich - An Echo Is The Shadow Of A Sound 
Sigil - Portcullis 
Spatialize - Stranger Than Fiction

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