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Disco Gecko Recordings

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Disco Gecko Recordings was set up by Toby Marks, AKA Banco De Gaia, in 1998 to release his new recordings and to reissue some of his albums previously available on the Planet Dog label, which had gone bankrupt. Rather than cater to a particular style or subculture, the Disco Gecko ethos is to promote music with heart, integrity and depth. Sometimes ecstatic, sometimes contemplative, it is always music with beauty at its core.


Artists currently signed to Disco Gecko include ambient soundsmiths Andrew Heath, Animat and LO18, Punjabi Swamp technician dr trippy, downbeat duo Radium88, triphop trio Dragonfly Trio and soulful songwriter Sophie Barker.


The label can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, BandCamp and also has a website.


To celebrate their 20th year the label are offering any 5 'discs' for £20 + p&p, with details of what's on offer up at http://www.discogecko.com/product/20th-anniversary-bundle/


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